SCX Group Building on its Success

05th December 2013

The SCX Group is delighted to announce that building work to expand our head office in north-east Sheffield has begun.

Thanks to considerable growth over the last few years, we have already outgrown the premises that were added to in the summer of 2011 when the Group expanded into an additional building across the road from the main offices and workshop. SCX has now found itself in the inconvenient but hugely promising position of having to build an extension and refurbish the current offices.

Due for completion late-spring 2014, the new building will increase the internal size of the building by more than 60%. The existing office space is 540m2 with the renovations providing an additional 350m 2 giving a total of 890m2.

The building will be extended not only width-ways to ‘fill in’ the current gap in the L-shape of the building, but out towards the road with a new entrance reception area at the front which will open up into a double story space as visitors enter. A feature staircase within reception and meeting areas off to the right will complete the welcome for visitors.

Behind the reception area, the new offices will incorporate 7.5m long atrium which will extend from the ground floor through the ceiling and up through the first floor to a glass roof, in order to fill the central space with natural light. The meeting rooms and main offices on the first floor will then have views down into the full height spaces.

In addition to the extra office space, the new building will incorporate a large flexible conference facility. At 71m2, the space will be sub-divided by a movable wall to create either two meeting rooms or one large conference area containing state-of-the art audio-visual equipment for presentations, enabling augmented demonstrations the Group’s designs and capabilities to clients.
Simon Eastwood, Managing Director of the SCX Group said: “We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved over recent years. Thanks to continuing success, our workforce has increased by 15% in the last year.

“As well as accommodating all the new people and providing a much more modern working environment, I’m excited to say that the new buildings will present a highly professional appearance and warm welcome for our valued clients when they arrive.”

The majority of the office staff have been relocated into portacabins located in the car-park of the additional premises across the road, whilst the work takes place. The rest will be moved to refurbished offices half a mile away at the group’s Assembly and Test Facility adjacent to Meadowhall Interchange.

Visitors to the SCX Head Office will notice a considerable difference when they arrive, being directed by fencing and signage to the rear of the premises over the road, but the outcome should definitely be worth any minor inconvenience, with the new facilities providing a more welcoming client experience, enhanced working environment and the opportunity for further growth and innovation.

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